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Sunday, March 3, 2013

Some people think it is ok to be intimate with 13 to 16 year old boys and girls no matter how old the person being intimate. My problem with this scenario is that there is a very large differential in power between a person under 18 and a much older person, say someone over 30. For a start the person under 16 for instance in NSW has only one power play and that is to blackmail the older person because they are breaking the law. But most young people don't have a clue about the law and therefore their power is not only limited but totally negated. The older person can manipulate the younger person to do what they want. This happens to people who are over 16 so how can we not believe that people younger than 16 are going to be even more manipulated than those older.

There are many situations today in which young people don't actually realise they are being manipulated. There was a young person who recently told me that a guy was just being helpful to him. This guy had been helpful to him for some 10 years and the boy was only 19. Helpful is an euphemism for having a mutually beneficial relationship, which is a euphemism for child sex abuse. There are situations in which people do use their knowledge for the good of the young person and become real mentors. This is the situation I was introduced to in my first encounter onto the gay Scene in meeting A. He is still a very good friend and at no time did he ever try to molest any of the young people he considered under his care. Everyone called him mother and he was extremely protective of his young 'sons & daughters'. I put those in brackets because they were all boys/young men. He took his responsibility very seriously and took care of his brood. But there were many people who didn't believe in the same philosophy including Don Storen, who has subsequently been arrested and convicted of paedophilia in Bali. The same with Alan Murphy also charged with peadophilia in Darwin but died before they could convict him. These men broke the sacred rule of caring for young people, they denigrated and assaulted them. This is untenable! These men were getting away with this behavior in Adelaide but eventually the law caught up with them.

Please treat youths, both boys and girls with respect and if they need help give them the right place to go and get that help!!!

Monday, July 2, 2012

Internet Child Porn

Why Is It that It Is All Here Again
There is little doubt who runs the internet porn industry, it is the Russian & Ukrainian Mafia. The incidence of kiddy porn aimed at mainly hetero males is overwhelming. Firstly, there is the teen network, with a mix of legal & illegal images, then there is the kiddy porn or child pornography & they are very upfront about their product. The advertising tells us to go to a site & get 6 to 11 year old girls in hard porn & sure enough there it is & you can download immediately. Adult males are sexually abusing little girls or young boys around 12 or 13, are induced to do the abuse the poor unfortunate young girl.
Surely there has to be a way to rid the internet of these very disturbing images. Maybe someone could invent the kiddy porn virus that only attacked those sites that carry pedo porn. This evening I decided to search with the words teen and nude just to see the return. Sure enough the teen sites came up, some legal others bordering on illegal, then the young girl model sired started appearing. These teen model sites are very interesting as they purport to be legal sites but all seem to have links to kiddy porn sites. The girls used in the model sites seem to appear on the nude photo & porn sites. I am Gay & I have seen so many sites that purport to be Gay turn out to be illegal young porn or nude sites. But with the Gay sites they tend to cover up until you get there & then hit you with all the images of young teen boys or even younger if they are bold enough. But these heterosexual sites don’t even try to pretend they are anything but pedo sites.
The advertising on the links lists is very upfront inducing the punter to download images of naked girls between the ages of 6 & 16. Then there is the advertising for the heavy duty kiddy porn which is even more upfront & quite chilling. It is even more confronting with the images hiding under the main page and jumping up at you when you close the page. These images are explicit and frightening in content with tearful young girls raped and abused violently. There seem to be no checks & balances in the eastern block. Next year I am studying Psychology at Uni & the area that interests me most is Deviant Sexual Behaviour or Abnormal Sexual Behaviour. My long term goal is to become a Forensic Psychologist or to write about sexual serial killers. There are several reasons for this, one of which is that I was molested as a child & raped twice as an adult. I also know many people who are the victims of child sexual abuse or paedophilia. There is another reason in that so many gay guys at around forty start to change their sexual behaviour & get into stuff like SM & B&D but why? Today guys are doing this stuff much earlier than when I came out. I am fascinated by people like John Wayne Gacy & Jeffery Dahmer & more than a bit sickened by Andre Chikalito. I am also fascinated by the attitude of people like Dolly Dunne who maintained until the day he died that what he did was natural. I don’t understand what is natural about taking a young person’s will away and replacing it with your own.
What motivates people like John Bunting to kill people & put them in a bank vault in a quiet little place like Snowtown. What makes a mild mannered person like Bevan Spencer Von Einam turn into one of the most hated serial killers of our time. Is Von Einam covering for others as purported or is he just leading the police up the garden path in a psychotic little game? I have digressed from the subject somewhat but the point is now made. What makes a person use a child for their sexual pleasure? Certainly the males on the porn sites are using them for the money to be gained by world wide distribution. But what about all those dreadful men in suburbia molesting their sons and daughters, nieces and nephews and any other boy or girl that happens to be there at the time? Is paedophilia a learned behaviour or is it genetic or a bit of both? The one thing I do know is that it is very harmful to children, as I can attest as I still have post traumatic stress syndrome from being child raped and also raped as an adult. I have also developed anxiety disorder and over dream failing to sleep soundly. I can also burst out crying at any given time and shake or lose my temper easily without reason. I live in a nightmare in my own mind as the obsessive compulsive part of the post traumatic stress syndrome takes over.
I have decided there are two separate psychological conditions in this area of study, the child sexual abuser (abusers) and the paedophile (peds). A child sexual abuser is a person who will sexually, kidnap and rape a child but very seldom repeat the act with the same child. About a quarter of abusers repeat abuse. They convince the child his/her parents will be angry with the child if they tell and continue to abuse the child. But most abusers rape and move on to the next child and abusers are the ones who kill children. Peds are different in that they believe they love the child. They have convinced themselves that the child loves them back and the child invites the sexual contact. They also have convinced themselves they are not doing the child any harm.
I am going to break paedophilia into two as well, there are those who operate alone and those who set up and participate in networks. The lonewolf ped is one who will hang around playgrounds, sports ovals, schools, cinemas, shopping centres and community centres in the hope of meeting a child. They procure children slowly, they do not molest or abuse, they cajole, offer rewards like lollies or money and they train children to behave the way they want. They may take months getting to the sexual stage but this is always the end result. The child is trained to play sexual games or rewarded for sex, therefore the child sees it either as a game or a benefit. Lonewolf peds never mix with other peds and they don’t even have internet contact with them. The lonewolf ped may use the internet to procure children but this is doubtful as he sees himself as giving a helping hand and has convinced himself he is doing some good.
The Network paedophile is a totally different animal. Dolly Dunne fits into this category as he networked with a group of other men and couldn’t wait to show them a new find. The network has a hierarchy of older males who have procured and trained a group of younger men when they were children to procure other children for them.


I reckon that if someone was a really good hacker & pretty cluey about viruses that you could wipe out 3 major child porn networks really fast. All you have to do is put a virus on a child porn link site & you would not only knock out the networks but also the Home Movie providers to these sites as well. That would take care of about a million paedofiles & the cops could set up traps at computer shops to catch people who have to get rid of the virus in the weeks following the infection.
Everyone cleans up & the net gets clean! What more could we want. My friend is going through a particularly hard time at the moment remembering her molestation with the counsellor, so wrong. I look at the kids in those porn flicks & think that they are going to be washed out as people by the time they are 25 to 30, either that or dead. The treatment they get would make them hard & sad people either that or dead people. I remember what it was like to be molested but no-one took movies of me or made me have sex all the time. It would warp those poor young kids to be used like that & they would have no sense of
When The Wind has Blown and the Door has Closed

Many years ago a few friends and I were on the way to a party and one of the guys with us, someone we only knew form the pub, suggested calling on his friend on the way. We did this and the friend invited us to attend a party the following weekend at his premises in Elwood a suburb of Melbourne. We all agreed we would attend his party as he seemed a nice bloke. Eventually we left and toddled on to our party where we had a great night.

The following weekend the drinking acquaintance from the Prince of Wales Hotel made sure we were ready for this Saturday afternoon party. Most of us thought this was strange as it was an indoor party not a BBQ and wondered why the bloke hadn't had it at night. The last time we were there we were on the way to a BBQ so it was day time but a Sunday. As it turned out the whole group from the previous Sunday's outing were there and we all set off for Elwood. As we walked the talk became a bit raucous as it does with a group of people going to a party. Eventually the talk turned to what sort of trade or free men we could expect to find at the party. The acquaintance was keeping mum about this but just kept saying we would be pleasantly surprised.

Time saw us approaching the Four Unit 1920's Block and the stairs to the top unit. We all were in a jovial state and had brought plenty of alcohol as we were expecting a real boozy party. We all trudged loudly up the stairs and the bloke we met the last time opened the door and invited us in. We all piled into the living-room in good humour and stopped to survey the scene. There were young boys walking around naked and there was one bloke on the couch getting fellatio from a very young boy. There was also another guy having sex with a boy that looked about ten or eleven. We were all shocked, so shocked that one of my friends dropped the slab he was holding. We immediately turned on the bloke who's place it was and told him we were going immediately to the police. We laft in a very large hurry already deciding to go directly to St Kilda police station. The guy who took us to this party ran up to us and stopped us, some of us wanted to punch him out. He said that if we went to the cops we would end up in Port Phillip Bay. He also told us they were protected by bent coppers from that Cop Shop. The problem is we all knew St Kilda Cop Shop very well as most of us had worked at one time or another in hospitality and they had a reputation for being bent. I used to pay them off in the front bar of the pub I worked in at the time so I gave what he said some credence. We gave his a few biffs to go on with and he ran back to his Ped Mates who were by now congregating outside the unit.

We all decided to drop the grog at my place and go to the pub to talk to the bar person who was working the afternoon shift as he knew everything that happened in St Kilda. We asked him about these guys and if it were possible they were being protected. He replied that it was not only possible it was fact. He also informed me that most of the people in the group had been barred from the hotel and they were looking for excuses to bar the rest. This made all of us very angry and several of the group hatched a plan to expose the protection of Paedophiles by the Victorian Police in St Kilda. They contacted a reporter from one of the newspapers and told him of the protection racket. About a year later after many scandals St Kilda Police Station was closed down and the officers either transferred or dismissed. The paedophile moved out of his flat and we don't know what happened to him but we do know that the group were raided at another premises and there were several arrests.

This story is about 'Organised Sociopaths' who work together as a network. In those days paedophiles had to rely on snail mail, meeting others, Sex Shops and Undercover Bookshops to share their material. Today they rely on the internet, mobile phones and other electronic devices. But one thing is still the same, some 'organised sociopathic' paedophiles need to meet and share their 'prizes'. They also need to meet to network face to face to ensure that they are not being set up. They have networks and those networks are either electronic or meeting place friendly or both. Some don't wish to meet others but have a need to share their material and to have access to the material of others. But most networking paedophiles want to eventually meet the other people they are networking electronically with to share the children physically. While this may be sickening it is a fact and these men and women find many ways of building their networks.

Building Paedophile Networks is precarious because of the illegality of their occupation. But eventually those of like mind gravitate to each other and a network is formed. They each procure a certain amount of children to bring into the network so they can be shared. But this is not the only reason for multiple children in the network. These individuals use the children to procure more children for the network. An older child of say twelve will start grooming a younger child of between five and ten by physically molesting them. The younger child will then be slowly passed along the chain until he or she ends up within the inner sanctum of the network. The problem is that some of the people in paedophile networks are parents and they even bring their own children into the network and get them to procure other kids for them.

Why is it so hard for the police to find these networks and close them down? The reason is that they are very insular and many of the members have actually grown up in the network. Even though they share their material online they do so by email and not on websites such as Usenet. The ones that did branch out to places like Usenet, Cisco, INGSRC.RU and others have in the main been shut down by the authorities. But there is still an overriding problem that exists. I was a victim of this type of Paedophile Ring and do not wish to see any other child experience what I did. The older child that procured me was my next door neighbour but it all blew up in his face, thank goodness! My friend was one of the boys in the Frank Arkel Network. He is now a heroin addict and is pretty hopeless. I have post Traumatic Stress Disorder. My Girlfriend has Clinical Depression from being molested. Every time a child is molested there are consequences for the child! The Adult may be a 'Sociopathic' Paedophile who believes that for them this is natural but the damage they do is mind boggling.

I believe there is no cure for Sociopathic Disorder and therefore I believe that all Sociopaths that kill, Molest Children, rape or cause other Societal Damage should unequivocally be put to death!

Friday, June 1, 2012

Psychopaths and Disassociated Personality Disorder

Most people don't know but recitative paedophiles actually are psychopaths. Either that or they have Dissociative Personality disorder. The problem is that when Psychopathic Disorder is touted, it is most often applied to Serial Killers. They are only a very few who harbour this disorder. Many Paedophiles, Rapists, Violent Criminals, Captains of Industry and even the people fighting the psychopaths, the police are not immune. The term psychopath does not mean a person is going to go about the world killing people. It simply denotes a certain personality type, that of the detached personality. This means that the person with this disorder does not react emotionally in a seemingly normal way. This does not mean they are going to go about killing lots of people. Paedophiles who refuse to believe they are doing harm to children and wish to continue their activities when they are released are psychopaths. There are many paedophiles that have never been caught because either the family unit harbours them or they are too smart. In the case of Denis Ferguson it is clear he is a Psychopath. Not a killer but a destroyer of lives. Denis can't help himself, he has to molest! He is a psychopathic personality because he fits the profile. He needs to dominate! He needs to have orgasm at the expense of another person who is helpless! He has an innate need for control and if that control is interrupted as it was when he was arrested he exhibits psychopathic responses. They are anger, denial, Subliminal Blame, Deviation and denial. Captains of Industry are often Psychopaths. The trouble is if I start naming them I will get sued. But one man who comes to mind who has a great need to be the dominant personality in not only his industry but to cow politicians and is linked to wood. He is the classic psychopathic personality, he needs to dominate, denigrate, lie, disenfranchise, dehumanise and destroy what he terms his enemies. He goes about this by a range of means but usually it involves a very big Advertising campaign. This man is a classic Psychopath!!! Psychopaths are not just Serial Killers!!! They could be people who live in your community. For instance it is clinically proven that many people in Financial Management or Share Trading are either psychopathic personalities or have dissociative personality disorder. If a person puts a financial situation ahead of people then they are said to share some form of disassociated personality disorder. Serial Rapists are Psychopaths and like Serial Paedophiles they would be better off dead. I say that not only for their current and future victims but for themselves. They can't help themselves and they will never admit they are wrong in what they do. The 'Phantom Rapist' is not going to give up rape just because he got caught. The next time he might just kill his victims. They are never going to be satisfied, they will always need more! Denis Ferguson is a Serial Paedophile he is incurable and will re-offend if he is given the chance. He will never be cured. He is a menace to society. This is a person I would have put down for his sake as well as that of innocent children. I believe it would be a far more humane end than the one that awaits him next time he goes into prison for molesting a child. The other plus is there is one less child molested.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012


Thoughts On CP Webs and FP Reports of Streaming

The AFP made a report to the papers that the paedophiles were now using Streaming or Live Webcam as a way of avoiding detection. I went onto the net in an effort to find evidence of this activity. I was unable to find any evidence of this style of activity but I did find plenty of evidence of CP Websites. I used some of the well known Ped language for my search only inserting 'Live Webcam' as a conduit. I didn't find anything but that doesn't mean it is not there. I was thinking if I could get the URL's of the people streaming I could report this directly to the Head of the Child Exploitation Taskforce.

The other Websites are easy to find and report and the problem seems to be permanently shutting them down. There are the same sites there every time I look and I report them on Anti-Child Porn.Org. This site is monitored by Law Enforcement Agencies in the US, UK, Australia, Canada and Europe. I would report to ACMA but the reporting process is extremely difficult and doesn't always work. You'd think ACMA don't want to track the perpetrators of Sexual Violence against Children down. If they did they would make it easy for the General Public to report. This must be frustrating for parents who find that someone has being trying to procure their child over the internet.

Every child abused is a psychological problem in progress so we should be pulling out all stops to find the abusers. Everyone who is abused experiences some form of syndrome, whether it be depression, Bi-Polar, schizophrenia, Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome, Psychosis, sexual psychosis, trained paedophilia or Sociopathic behaviours. Nobody who has been abused is immune from being scarred by their experiences at the hands of paedophiles. Studies show that one in ten abused children kill or attempt to kill themselves. Seven out of ten experience long term debilitating psychological damage and the other 30% are likely to have some sort of Sexual Pathology happening.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

There is a Serial Killer in the House

There is a serial killer operating in Australasia at any given time. This isn't to say he or she is in your neighbourhood. There are relatively few serial killers in our neck of the wood. In Australia we have managed to limit the incidents to sixteen. That is including the so called 'Family' Murders and the Murderer of the Beaumonts and Gordon and Ratcliffe. The reason I include the last is that other than the Adelaide children it is believed the man responsible was already responsible for the deaths and disappearances of at least five children in New South Wales and Queensland, possibly more.

There have been others if you count Jimmy Blacksmith as a serial murderer or Ned Kelly or for that matter Captain Moonlight. In the early days of settlement indigenous people were killed by white settlers just for fun and many white men were indeed serial killers but were never charged. But generally Australia has been a pretty safe place to live, up until now.

Criminal gangs in Sydney and Melbourne have gone to war with each other. In Sydney those same gangs have also gone to war with the police. The police are not only concerned, they are afraid. They have every right to be afraid. Organised Crime is now a very different animal than in the 20th century. The people who run organised crime in Sydney today have absolutely no respect for the law and for society as a whole. The Cosa Nostra had a code and part of that code though unspoken was that the family was sacrosanct. You could kill the man but you didn't touch his wife and kids.

The members today's criminal gangs don't have Italian or even Western European background. They are descended from the middle East, South East Asia or Eastern Europe and Russia. Organised Crime is now segregated into warring factions and those who choose to keep out of the wars. For instance the South East Asian Organised Crime Cartels tend to think the way of the Mafia in that the family is sacred. They also tend to believe violence is bad for business, so does the Mafia in general. But the Middle Eastern and Eastern European Cartels and those aligned to the Biker Gangs tend to use violence as a deterrent and final solution to all their disputes. These Cartels are not serial killers but there will be mass murderers among them before these men are through. The problem is that they have no respect for society as a whole. They only respect money and violence. No respect for society means no respect for the underpinning of our society which is order and justice.

There is a probability there is a serial killer operating in Australia as we speak. He is most likely to be operating in Queensland and New South Wales. He travels and he will kill again. The problem with these statements is backing them up. South Australia has the reputation as the Serial Killer Capital of Australia. This is incorrect as New South Wales has two more Serial Killers than South Australia. If you count the Beaumonts, Gordon and Ratcliffe they have one more but I don't as the killer of those children is Australia's only true National Serial Killer.

I also believe I know who abducted and killed Carmen Chan. He goes under the radar but he has also killed in another state, that of South Australia. It wouldn't surprise me if he has killed in Tasmania as well. When the first reports came out of the 'Mr Cruel' Abductions there was something he called his victims that he said to his daughter. A pet name and I know someone who used the same pet name. I have called the police and informed them but I don't think they took me seriously. This man hates women, he was having trouble with an Asian woman at the time of Carmen Chan's death. He was also in a custody dispute for his daughter and it was vicious from his end. He was violent and abusive to women and children. He was psychologically abusive to women and children. While he was highly qualified in his field and his work was exemplary. The problem was he didn't seem to be able to finish jobs. He had access to a range of expensive cars and would not have been necessarily driving the same car twice when he abducted these girls. He may have also had access to more than one house. I believe this man to be the prime suspect in these abductions and murder.

Australia is a very safe place compared to the United States of America. The USA has has 133 serial killers to date and is having at least two operating in any given time. At some time periods they had up to twenty operating at once. That is one in more than a third of the states of the USA. Now there is a place I do not wish to live. It is also a place I don't wish Australia to emulate and with the current Organised Crime and Gang Violence we are heading in that direction.